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April 24, 2019
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Behind Dawn of Man's style of 'ant colony' city-building 2
by John Harris [04.22.19]
Dawn of Man sped to the top of the Steam charts last month with its compelling style of simulation and city building. We got with Martiño Figueroa of developer Madruga Works to find out more about the game's development and design.
Design, Production, Console/PC, Indie

Boldly she rode: How Heaven's Vault reinvents adventure games  
by Katherine Cross [04.22.19]
"Inkle has done something radically original here, a breath of fresh air in a game industry all but stultified by unimaginative impersonations and safe bets," says Gamasutra columnist Katherine Cross on Heaven's Vault.
Design, Indie

Take me to the hole: Loss and triumph in Astroneer  
by Katherine Cross [04.19.19]
It wasn't until columnist Katherine Cross fell into a hole that she truly understood the genius of Astroneer.
Design, Console/PC, Indie

Don't Miss: Maintaining tension in Nex Machina 1
by Staff [04.22.19]
"We needed to cut as much of excess fat as possible and figure out what was really necessary to get the feeling you are on the "knife's edge"." - Henri Mustonen, Senior Level Designer at Housemarque.
Design, Programming, Production, Console/PC, Indie

Video Game Deep Cuts: The Panzer At Heaven's Vault  
by Gamasutra Staff [04.21.19]
This week's roundup includes a Panzer Dragoon series classic postmortem, impressions of the eagerly awaited Heaven's Vault, as well as secret MMO servers, homebrew Game Boy Games & the return of D&D.
Audio, Smartphone/Tablet, Social/Online, Indie, Console/PC, Art, Production, Programming, Design, Business/Marketing

Don't Miss: Making debugging into a mechanic in Beglitched 1
by Staff [04.19.19]
"While debugging is considered to be one of the more odious aspects of programming, I felt that under the right circumstances, it could actually be exhilarating," says AP Thompson, designer of Beglitched.
Design, Console/PC, Indie

Don't Miss: Devs reflect on the impact and legacy of Burnout Paradise 2
by Staff [04.18.19]
Devs who worked on or were influenced by Criterion Games' 2008 release Burnout Parasise reflect on what made the game so special and how it changed the racing genre.
Design, Console/PC, Indie

Lights in the dark: How Ashen's design sets it apart from other 'Soulslikes'  
by Cian Maher [04.18.19]
Creative director Derek Bradley opens up about the design of A44's remarkable Soulslike Ashen, and discusses how subtle art and design choices set it apart from the bleak worlds of From Software.
Design, Console/PC, Indie, Social/Online, Video

The Fun of Inaccessibility  
by Michael Heron [04.24.19]
You can't have fun without inaccessibility. It's an iron law of play. That has implications for game design and accessibility advocacy, and it's the subject of this post.
Business/Marketing Design Programming Production Serious Indie

Quick Tips: 10 important Kickstarter hacks from an expert  
by Iuliana U [04.23.19]
A quick checklist of expert hacks that will help you create a successful Kickstarter campaign.
Business/Marketing Design Indie

Xengris and Escaping the Corporate Titan  
by James Derek [04.23.19]
Knowing what career in life to follow is not easy for some. I found out a little later in life where I needed to be, how games shaped my early years and how game development is now calling me back.
Design Programming Console/PC Indie

The Secret of Discount Mastery for Indie Studios  
by Albert Banda [04.23.19]
There are three elements that make up the secret of discount mastery for indie studios: timing, medium, and promo. Your discount promotions aren’t working for you? Then you’re probably not balancing one or more of those elements properly.
Business/Marketing Console/PC Indie Social/Online

The Branches of a story – How to give players options in a narrative?  
by Joshua Boast [04.23.19]
Creating a game that is controlled by the player should be second nature. But giving them control of the story can be an entirely more complex matter to deal with. Here are the intricate ways in which branching story-telling is developed.
Design Art Indie

Subset Games — Seattle, Washington, United States
Platform Engineer
Looking for remote C/C++ programmer to help manage Subset Games' growing library, including FTL and Into the Breach.

Insomniac Games — Burbank, California, United States
Associate Outsourcing Artist
Insomniac Games - Associate Outsourcing Artist

tinyBuild LLC — Bellevue, Washington, United States
Game Producer
Game Producer in tinyBuild's publishing division in Downtown Bellevue

Frictional Games — Malmö, Sweden
Audio Lead / Sound Designer

The Behemoth — San Diego, California, United States
Marketing Strategist
Marketing Coordinator